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Hoversweeper is a total rethink of how to play classic Minesweeper on Android touch devices. There are several new ways to control the game and many configuration options.

"Tilt Mode" controls use the accelerometer to move a transparent "hoverpointer" interface and the right/left side of the screen as buttons to flag/sweep. It works great for small screens where a finger is too big to accurately select a tile.

"Drag Mode" controls a draggable interface with buttons to sweep/flag tiles. This mode gives very precise control and works well when accelerometer controls are unreliable (e.g. in a car or bus).

"Expert Mode" combines elements of the two above interfaces allowing multiple techniques to speed up your game.

"Touch Mode" is the classic tap tap way to play minesweeper and the most familiar. This version has tactile vibrations and glow effects to give feedback so that you know what you are going to do, where you are going to do it, and have the chance to abort your current action by dragging your finger away to a safer area. No longer do you have to get frustrated when tapping the screen to dig up a particular tile only to see the next tile over receive the touch and blow your game to smithereens!

And the final gameplay touch: proper endgame explosions!

This game has advertisements. The good part about that is half of the profits will be donated to the: United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for Assistance in Mine Action, and, the Canadian Landmine Foundation. By playing this game you will be helping to clear away real mines!

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Published Revision History

Version 1.0.20111224
  • 3-D shadow effects!
  • Improved font.
  • General polish.
Version 1.0.20111023
  • Initial Release.

Suggestions and To-Do List

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